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LA Times Studios is the home of new and innovative forms of storytelling at the Los Angeles Times. We produce original audio and video content and partner with creators to bring our storytelling into television, film, podcasts, events and other forms of media.

“When I engage LA Times Studios, what I expect is something outside of the box, and they never disappoint. Their creativity is balanced with thoughtfulness — an understanding of how any creative must fit in with what is happening in the world at the moment.”

Francie Berns
FYC awards consultant

“It’s a partnership, and not simply a transactional relationship. The Studios team always comes to us with strong concepts, but from that point on it’s about collaboration. When the product is finished, both our teams feel a sense of pride and ownership in having created something exceptional.”

Joshua Kornblit
SVP marketing & Digital,
Focus Features

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We develop and create award-winning and thought-provoking content with a west coast perspective.


We captivate our audience through compelling storytelling and exceptional audiocraft.


We create solutions designed to strengthen customer relationships with the leading brands.